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Thank You Moneycircus. All in all, the Happy New Year delusion marches on and is intrinsic parcel of the greater deceit. Much like the 'question' with which one is greeted here: "Todo bien?" ASD will not provide idle time for such delusional approach to the present situation. I have started to counter ask, if the person who asks this question could imagine the in,ates of a concentration camp to be greeted with "Todo bien?" I am sure these folks here would ask a person shot in the head "Everything okay?" No, nothing is "bien". "Good" is something else altogether. But the past two years were also used to implement the brain virus of thinking that compliance with insanity will bring about sane minds.

As it is obvious, we are in the same boat, ready to be pulled under water. For now way too long, voices like ours have in one form or another pointed to the Silverback in the Tiny House kitchen. Years ago I predicted that "Nature" - that allowed a most deranged species to develop - will have "mechanisms"/solutions in place to remedy run-amok species to be exterminated/reigned in. Any species that will upset the fragile balance of what is called "Life" will have to go, or be decimated to a point where it poses no longer a danger to the whole. Critics will say that, if that would be the case, it should have happened before the species succumbed to idiotic fantasy stories promising "better-will-come". But the ant colony doesn't know what will come for it, too.

Where is Death in all this? Disappeared in a "denial drawer" to be never dealt with again? Just get all your shots and whatnot and then, only then, will Death be a thing of the past. How many boosters will it take? A thousand? Two thousand?

Death is not only simply the negative pole of the big battery called life. One should ask oneself the silly question:

"Which one came first? Life, or Death?"

Wishing You are revolutionary new year.

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Great writing. I appreciate it much. Apologies for not subscribing as a paid member, but these days of the plague, I cannot afford... anything, really.

As for the "written [as] the only way that a soul can lay out experienced truth and be judged honest"--aye, I know what you mean. That makes two of us. I'm sending you warmest greetings from Ibiza.

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