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Soros on one side, Koch/Adelson/..... on the other. And all interests 90% overlap! (you ever hear Soros, famous for geopolitical steering of UKs fate by "shorting the pound" at the right moment, short Exxon? Short Canada?)

Empire has dirty work to be done, of course its people will be misinformed. Of course!

Also, Blumenthal, is 85% likely Soros funded.

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“you cannot give the job of hall monitor to the same outlets without revealing the effort to control”

Which is a reason why the whole realm of academia and industry has been almost psychotically over-stacked with organisations, titles, acronyms, departments etc. The parasite class restlessly shift their little toys around the board to generate the illusion of diversity.

And certainly B Y Lee’s articles (it’s more than this one) are written in a kind of hip sloppy “streetwise” mode that is so embarrassingly aimed at “the kids” – though, to be sure, the vast majority of the population, no matter what age, have been infantilised.

Indeed, when you put the two observations above together (enormous reams of organisations and curiously “hip” academic), it’s tempting to ask how much of this stuff is virtual i.e. simply drummed up at a computer terminal with contributions from various hack operatives re-arranged and re-attributed.

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

To all this I say truth reveals itself, himself, herself, themselves, eventually.

So gab.com, bitchute.com, cash, graffiti, and self sufficiency projects all the way!

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