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"Dimly I perceived another world; one that we actualize, safeguard and vindicate by our own action. A world in which we have no rights except those we voice and defend on a daily basis"

MC, that sounds like my inner London Sec. school in the early 60s. A violent jungle, where one lunchtime the teacher on playground duty was cornered by a group of boys and nearly kicked to death. Raw unconstrained physical power in action. The question for me was was this a microcosm of society as a whole. Within a couple of years, I heard someone say the whole of our Civ. was held together by no more than Bread and Circuses and the whole thing snapped into sharp focus!

By the late 60s, I had started work and calculated I was using 10,000,000 joules of work to support my lifestyle for every joule of work I was doing in the office, most of it came from crude oil. In other words, I was doing no work at all and my slide rule said that very few ppl. were doing any work either. Back then the Geologists were saying easy, cheap oil would peak within 30 years or so, it peaked in 2005, since when the world has been increasingly running on expensive, difficult oil and it has become increasingly difficult to provide enough B&C to keep everybody entertained. Using the lens of B&C it looks to me that a cost/benefit analysis of this flu hoax makes it a no-brainer.

As many ppls sense of self is based on how hard they work they would have a hard time with the notion that they had not done any work in the last 40 years or indeed that going to work has been no more than going to the circus. They will be the same ppl. who are doing what they are told around masks and the jab. The apparent safety of the crowd.

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