Fear: the most contagious and dangerous of all human diseases. Worth noting that a lot of government scientific advice was simply wrong, but never retracted.

Great blog.

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Sep 7, 2021Liked by Moneycircus

Ye, ye ye, yes, but!

Let me thank You first for the great work and effort You display with Your writings. If I would not be starving, I'd sending You some for these exquisite assessments of what is unfolding. Or even better: what those You mention like to unfold for us. Or, even better: how those You mentioned want to fold us.

Here now to the "but":

Your memory ought to be filled with historical examples of - what could be considered "bright" people - that failed so miserably, when they exceeded their responsibilities. With that I mean "Exceeded, for what they could take responsibility." Who could say: "Yes, honorable tribunal, I gave the orders to have a percentage of our Nation's population murdered." Or, "Yes, I am responsible for the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Nobody can take responsibility for these crimes. Because everyone can only "pay back" one life. The people You describe so fittingly, are nowhere as bright, as those who failed most dramatically and ultimately to utter ridicule.

The people You are mentioning are members if a Cult without a name. The Cult exists longer than any living person, or their parents', grand parents', or great-grand parents' generations. These people are like Cockroaches in so far as that they are just there. They can't help it. They do not only have a streak to subdue and oppress others - nope, they are also severly suffering from delusions of grandheur. Pathologically do these intellectually and spritually challenged people treat others as inferior. Treating the population like the mentally needy they are.

Mark my words, Moneycircus, You are witnessing the undoing of the greatest deception, revealing all its names and connections - every person in the flesh or "non-physical" corporation. It is coming all apart at the seams - because there is no other way.

Eight billion+ (so they say) collectively incapable to distance themselves from these people? That is all that is necessary to end the Cult. To not give it the power it claims. To openly express the fact, that the people who torment their populations, are considered people who truly play with an incomplete deck of cards and that they will do anything the Cult demands from them.

We are entering the phase, where we can make future tribunals superfluous and unnecessary. By removing these people from the positions they occupy in an all too often unelected fashion. Direct Democracy will come and it will end the reign of the billionaires - after all, if there is no more money, paper or crypto, what are these sad clowns then?

What is a billionaire without any money/cash/assets/investments/shares and slaves?

Last but not least, the signals must be stopped in the Carpenter movie "They Live!". We are in this movie and "They" are indeed Aliens to everything that makes a Human human:

Empathy, Kindness, Helpfulness, Consideration and Respect. All absent in a rampage of authoritarianism. That cannot, but end up "outside" the bunker.

Thank You once again.

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Another great article and once again I learned something I didn't know before. I keep thinking this thing is going to implode as the absurdity intensifies - but many people in my circle that didn't want the shot have now taken it because they couldn't stand up to the insane levels of intimidation. This is truly a crazy time in history...

Wrote this today...

slowly, slowly to the brink

slowly, slowly do we sink

we have no eyes to see the light

we have no courage to do what's right

we have no ears to hear the call

we have no will to make them fall

quickly, quickly fall in line

quickly, quickly bend your spine

there is no sign you won't obey

there is no science in what they say

There is no hope when freedoms gone

There is no life from this point on

find your voice and take a stand

before our rights have all been banned

boycott all the big name brands

so much blood is on their hands

take your life back from the brink

do not let them make you sink

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Fine words. We stand firm because we can do no other.

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