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How very reminiscent Yuval Noah Harari is of Jacques Attali, the most hidden, bipartisan economist consulted by left and right in French Politics to the very top levels.


Attali has been widely misquoted for saying in the book "L’Avenir De La Vie" (the coming world): a fake disease will be very useful to help the idiots of society "self select" themselves for a vaccination that kills them. Turns out, the actual quote he used was:

QUOTE: "...as soon as a person gets to be older than sixty or sixty-five, and his productivity and profitability begin to slip, he costs society dearly..... Actually, from the viewpoint of the cost to society, it is much preferable that the human machine abruptly stop functioning than that it deteriorate very gradually." ENDQUOTE.

source: https://factcheck.afp.com/posts-falsely-claim-leading-french-economist-jacques-attali-discusses-depopulation-book

What is it about certain thinkers that leads to SUCH arrogance...? Hmmm.... Must be the same type of thinking that engages war after war after war for profit, perhaps.

All very dystopian. The chutzpah to talk about humanity like they were beads at a pawn shop!

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As a young journalist at Sky News I interviewed Jacques Attali. It was the early 1990s. Of course, they sent a young fool (me) who was totally unprepared to see what this man was.

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fascinating fate. TPTB have their chosen, who are lavished column-inches for a loooong time. Attali becomes something of a "renaissance man": musician, economist, entrepreneur, media personality, garland upon garland is "bestowed".

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BTW. that Lagarde link is "toujours drôle"...about numbers/accuracy. what a crock.

This from the BIGGEST f*** up the IMF has ever committed (on purpose? money flight to the illuminatti?): giving $40 Billion (!) to Argentina's Mauricio Macri (family acquaintance of Fred Trumpf! funny how families come to power together AT THE SAME TIME...!). Anyways, the IMF (LaGarde) normally impose "strict conditions" when they dole out money. In fact they're infamous for that if nothing else! Not so when Lagarde paid Macri's gov! All that went *poof*..."capital flight" they call it! THE BIGGEST FAILURE IN IMF HISTORY!

Did you hear about it? Did the common man hear bout it on the nightly news bringing shame to her career ? Any shame to IMF? NO! She got PROMOTED to the ECB!

Read past the bureuacratese, knowing the punchline: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/CR/Issues/2021/12/22/Argentina-Ex-Post-Evaluation-of-Exceptional-Access-Under-the-2018-Stand-By-Arrangement-511289

And this:


Steal a burger: death penalty one way or other

Steal $40 bn....nobel prize. high society. family and progeny and their progeny set for life.

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I wonder about the coincidence of Paul Singer riding to the "rescue" in that Argentinian financial fiasco?

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Don't feel too bad about Twitter banning you. Hopefully it will drive others to leave on their own. I don't use Twitter. I don't understand why thinking people spend any time on it. Looking forward now to reading the full text of your postings here. Thank you for your work.

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I call Harari Harakiri. I see His Holiness Harari, this secular Dalai Lama of Jerusalem, as a genius. What's more, the extraordinarily intelligent man made himself intellectually unassailable; after all, how dare anyone, today, contradict an Israeli-Jewish fragile-looking homosexually-married best-selling-author doctor of philosophy via Jesus College of Oxford?! One may be tempted to quote from Hölderlin's ADVOCATUS DIABOLI:

Deep in my heart I abhor the nexus of rulers and clerics,

Yet more deeply I loathe genius in league with that gang.

("Tief im Herzen haß ich den Troß der Despoten und Pfaffen

Aber noch mehr das Genie, macht es gemein sich damit.")

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