Aye, ye've nailed it. And it's nigh on impossible to look away from the Abyss, once the pieces of the puzzle become the object of ones singular attention. For this is where 'It' lies, right here where the lies lie. The cognitive dissonance is so well inculcated the scope of their plans remains in denial to the comfort-seeking at-any-cost fearful.

The Owners have placed before and upon us a burden that requires sweating persistence in the face of ridicule (and meaningful threats) if overcoming their psychological traps and minefields is one's object. It takes a thick hide in company of adequate self confidence conjoined with a fierce intellect to begin to break down the patterns established---to even dare see them and remark upon them.

So here we are.

A note:

Canada's Deputy PM and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland---a co-conspirator with Mark Carney---warrants mention as a Young WEF Leader too. With her family's WW II Ukrainian war criminal background---grandfather Michael Chomiak was the chief of Ukrainian Nazi propaganda---whose migration to Canada was facilitated by the OSS/CIA along with so many other Ukie collaborators. Formerly chief of Reuters, her rise to prominence coincided with 2014's Maidan Square atrocities and William Browder's so-called Magnitsky 'Act.'



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That last sentence, unfortunately, could not be truer. 100 more years of practise, 100 more years of softening people's ability to actually think for themselves, 100 more years of stolen resources.

My only hope lies in the point Iain made: Mr. Global isn't omniscient. He makes mistakes. What's more, he makes the biggest mistakes because he's a psychopath who doesn't live in the same world as the sheep he's trying to cull and shear. He doesn't understand us. He doesn't understand the selfless love of a normal parent or the essential, automatic wish to help another human in trouble.

Also, talking about how everything can be so sychronised, this documentary, although containing nothing new to the old researcher, is a great explanation of how a few families can 'own the world'.


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that is a good telling of the sorry tale. I watched it yesterday and really wanted to share it but there's nobody left to share it with.

Ha, or something.

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Not enough to provide high quality analysis on its own. Is there no discussion about how to fight back? No remedy? Does the concentration required to create a lengthy post such as this stop when it comes to questioning ways to respond? I simply do not see the point. Let's just lay down and die shall we?

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The people hold the power in their labour. There's no need to flee. They'll find you anyway. Stand and fight peacefully (by purposefully withholding labour).

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So? Did you name names?

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