Again and again MIT crops up. They may have been the ones to deliver my own introduction to "The New Normal".

From the perspective of now being submerged in an apparently unstoppable current of covid claptrap, it's hard to be sure about initial shoots but I'm sure that the whole concept of a Brave New World came from what at the time I took to be this prestigious academic fortress.

Now, having tumbled to the entire phony mantra around "The Science", I see the fraud. But here's where the trick comes in. Those submerged in that edifying vision of The Great Western Enterprise of Enlightenment would pick up this snippet from MIT and it would stick in their minds as legitimate.

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Dec 10, 2021Liked by Moneycircus

Your writing is excellent, and I always look forward to the next submission.

Pretty obvious that Assange is NOT qualified to disemminate information, or allowed a healthy sexlife, by the very creatures you have written about in your blog..

Frazer Institute!!?? It used to be the cheerleading group of hacks that continually pumped up the tyres of the BC Lie-berals!!

Even gold can extracted from the worst of detritus, and this article is convincing evidence that it can happen. But interesting that he doesn't mention the article you cited...

Perhaps, he has also been blackmailed!

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