The Gold Blockade of Russia needs to be taken into account.


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"Today a perceived crisis of overproduction once again sees policies that coincidentally — if not deliberately — cripple industry with high energy costs and deprive the people of cheap and plentiful food. Karl Marx himself said that the capitalist’s greatest fear and the cause of capitalist crises was overproduction."

Capitalism requires world war, or more precisely, a Reset. Cathal Haughian called it, now has deleted much of his blog, but made public the few posts left: https://beforethecollapse.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/capitalism-requires-world-war/

"[...] during the Trump presidency: the people were polarised. Now we are told that polarization in the media is a bad thing — we must all think as one."

The coronacircus guy predicted Trump was the antithesis to the thesis of wokism. I agree and consider the calls to national unity required in the face of the corona "crisis" to be the start of the synthesis.

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