"Group think and a reflexive need to quash any divergence of thought has been pushed in schools for at least two generations "

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov was right back in 1984. The dead hand of the USSR is responsible for the destruction of the US. The communist and leftist propaganda applied for decades to the grade schools and universities in the US has now born fruit. The philosophy of acquiring political power regardless of the means - fake crisis, created crisis, lies, polarization by slander, assassination, riots and violence, war - in in full bloom.

The majority in the West have now fallen victim to the promises of a virtualized world where everything is financialized gambling and pharma stupor with security guaranteed by a lying government.

Luckily for me I lived through the good post WWII years. What's coming is ugly and unavoidable.

Sucks to be young.

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I thank you for being a rare being of objective reporting. Given what I perceive as having had a lifetime of experience few others can only imagine, I thank you for putting it to good use for those of us who seek the truth. It must be very hard sometimes to put into words what is actually happening in places with so much death and destruction every second of the day; it is very hard to read sometimes; but that is my job at this point.

The state of the world's humans and all other living things of Nature that support life on this planet does not portend what I think the Universe had in mind.

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