What's happening in the Czech republic? Petr Pavel seems like he works for the Beast, but is obviously cautious ("Ukraine should join NATO", but only "as soon as the war is over", i.e. what will be left of Ukraine after a more-or-less arranged war).

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Feb 4, 2023·edited Feb 4, 2023

Excellent piece MC. And with regard to the monotonous repetition and intensification of the propaganda, “one hopes it is satire” ..... but it never is.

And monotony is the keynote here. The sheer drudgery of the assault is a devastating psychological strategy in itself. It always threatens to induce despair. And I have become aware of an accelerating effect on my own production i.e. I glance at an article which enrages me and I am about to launch a response when I realise that it’s really not worth it. The media specialises in the churning out of total non-news e.g. some Sam Smith performance where he has tassles attached to his nipples and this sparks off the predictable “storm of protest” from the “haters” etc. Or Tom Jones’s “Delilah” sparks off another “turmoil” in which it is caimed that it glamorises violence against women – this leading to such claims being directed towards half the inherited culture of the West etc.

And pardon my lateness but I just read last night about “15 minute cities” (possibly interlinking with those “sustainable cities”?) in which it seems there is a concerted effort to shrink the entire life-space of a community with a contraction worthy of a return to the feudal age.

John Steppling’s latest has this interesting observation:

“Western culture is structurally infused with Christianity. And scientific atheism increasingly sounds like, ironically, the writings of early medieval christian mystics....

....the situation today has been built on about 80 years (probably more like several hundred) of shrinking experience and, for lack of a better description, a dilution of the metaphysical. Christian societal structures (and language) without God, or even a metaphysics, are solipsistic ethical dead ends. The rise of a narrow scientism has aligned perfectly with monopoly capitalism, and an empty vacuous liberalism.”

That fitted in with this piece:


“‘I knew I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life’: how London got its first LGBTQ+ retirement community”

What does “LGBTQ+ retirement community” even mean? A glance reveals a vastly depressing vision of tremendously affluent liberals who, under the guise of embodying a “marginal” lifestyle, have carved themselves a pleasant little retreat where, as the transgender rhetoric puts it, they can “feel safe” and protected from “hate” as they indulge their luxuriantly vacant infantile obsessions.

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Feb 4, 2023Liked by Moneycircus

I have noticed myself the odd sexlessness of gender ideology. It's as if sex itself died out at some point in the fairly recent past. Back in the old days, there was all sorts of concern over sexual activity and its various "mutations" or "perversions". But it seemed a vibrant world where people, for better or worse, seemed to have at least SOME KIND OF ORIENTATION. The "new creatures" would appear to have none. I have seen pictures of these curious entities who are clearly male and - not to beat around the bush (if you'll pardon the expression!) - look just hideous. It's an unsavoury topic but I can't even imagine them as sexual assailants or indeed being sexually active at all. They just look like creeps lurking in the undergrowth.

What is this strange world we are now living in?

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