Thank you MC for your brilliant analysis. I very much appreciate your eloquent writing style and the depth of knowledge from which you source key quotes and inspiration.

I hope you don't mind but I noticed two small typos. Beneath, "Miseducation and rights" – "...revo[l]utionary named Tedros..."

In your last paragraph, second sentence, "This concept was describe[d] in detail..."

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One view of Wells’s Time Machine is that it satirizes both Darwin and Marx.

Darwin because the time traveller finds that the future is not a continuation of evolution but a reversal which eventually “winds down” all the way back to the sight of a crab on a beach.

Marx because the “revolution” of the future achieves a reversal of the current class structure in which it is the brutish underlings who rule over an ineffectual elite.

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The denouement of the Murican public sphere is terminal. Elected reps know 2 things: (1) take care of "The Lobby" and its wants; (2) take care of corp. interests. The rest is an acting job of the most brutal ugliness.

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