I followed you from OffG to Substack. The above article is one of the best summaries I know.

Strangely, very early on, I just knew covid was a fraud because I recognized the unmistakable British (and possibly American) claim - hospitals overwhelmed, health system collapsing. Not happening here, I thought, not the German health system. We're pouring a lot of money into it and it works and is fit for purpose. Norbert Haering pointed out Lockstep 2010 (a Fascist term if I ever heard one), Wolfgang Wodarg covered the medical aspects and that was basically all one needed to know for the moment. Society becoming more totalitarian by the day was the really frightening thing. (Will we ever only learn it the hard way? A third totalitarian system in this country within two generations, really?)

As for the wider perspective, eugenics and Calvinist supremacy, that's what you have been pointing out. Thanks for taking the trouble it is most valuable.

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Thank you for following. There's little doubt that the message is uncomfortable. A novelist targets the most enthusiastic market not the least!

We face two tasks: not just to tell the truth, but to convince people that they should care.

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Cass Sunstein's (Samantha Power's hubby) is worthy of further exposure for his part in the 'Nudge Units,' from what I gather via Whitney Webb and Johnny Vedmore. At least I think they were the sources. My memory of these past 3 years is not as reliable as before. Likely sensory overload.

Curious (not really) that BoJo recognized and employed him (Sunstein) for his concepts even as Matt H is getting most of the (well-deserved) opprobrium. I think there is plenty yet to go around.

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One of the things I didn't know is that Hancock's background is in software sales. How apt.

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