Lula. What a wild card/joker he turned out to be. I am appalled at his vax stance, totally appalled.

This bears absorbing in the above context, certain opinions about Desmet notwithstanding: ( Note: Very little attention is devoted to Desmet in this.)


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Watched most of the Malone interview in the link.

Interesting but confusing discussion. On the one hand Malone says "they" (scamdemic perps) will do anything, say anything, "they" have no boundaries and no shame in lying and promoting false narratives. Both Malone and the interviewer categorize many of the scamdemic perps correctly as psychopaths. Then from about 16:30 for a few minutes these two engage in a discussion of "extremists" who call people accepting the scamdemic narratives as "sheep" (oh, horror of horrors) and imply they are about as bad as the psychopaths causing millions of adverse health effects and death for apt name calling. Whaaaaaat ? And with no basis they say that the "extremists" who believe the scamdemic may involve a global depopulation plan automatically brand anyone disagreeing with them as "controlled opposition". All of the depopulation theorists do this, apparently. Based on what polls of depopulation theorists do they come to this conclusion ?

Well, anecdotally I can say I have come to believe, on balance of probabilities, this IS a depopulation plan. I have civil discussions with people who see some terribly wrong things in the scamdemic but can not accept the depopulation argument - and I do not consider them "controlled opposition". I fully understand the massive psychological shock coming to this conclusion will be for any normal human and have not come to it easily over the course of three years. Apparently it is still too big a psychological hurdle for Malone (and this interviewer).


One should avoid recklessly applying the "controlled opposition" label to anyone with whom one disagrees. But ironically, Malone and the interviewer making this unfounded generalization of the "extremist" depopulation theorists, which of course casts them as a group in a negative light, could reasonably be interpreted as a controlled opposition tactic in this monstrous farce.

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Agree. Always more questions to be asked and I cannot ascertain individual motives, if any.

No matter how much more I think I know, the one thing of which I am assured is that the rest of my days will be spent as 'a stranger in a strange land,' one once thought of as home and representative of the comforts of home. That illusion has been permanently dispelled.

Thanks for the response; there is some comfort in knowing I am not alone in my disaffectation of time and place. Cheers

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