"It is a fact that the U.S. and Israel have developed electromagnetic weapons for crowd control and disabling people." Chilling stuff. I never thought I would see a US administration bring back torture as an interrogation device. The West lost all its (specious) claims to the high moral ground at that point. But back to the EM weapons: whatever did they use on the Twin Towers to reduce them, literally, to dust?

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Whether this cell - our world - will awaken/evolve or die to entropy is of great interest to me. It is rooted in my interest in my own awakening through constant practice.

For me it is both a question for which I do not have an answer, and a prayer.

One thought though: it is said that enlightenment can be achieved through long, conscious efforts or at a moment of extreme trial - the 'thieves on the cross'. Is Event Covid the crucifixion, or is it the NWO to come? For my children I hope it is the former.

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