A Geopolitical Field Guide to Predators and Prey

Moneycircus moved to Substack in mid-2021, evolving from blog to newsletter format, to fill the gap in economics, history, politics and world travel.

This outlet is our passion, our living, and the culmination careers in financial journalism, foreign correspondence and travel writing.

The principal author — with occasional contributions from his right-side brain — was Business Editor at Sky News and reported for Reuters news agency across Europe including the Moscow economic crisis of 1998, where he later returned to work for some years. He is still living down his life as a Wall Street propagandist on CNBC but is most proud of rejecting a job offer from CNN.

The logo, of the reptiles’ scales, reflects the predators who’ve escaped the circus and are running amok. A little dark, perhaps, but we are confident it will one day show a glint in the eye.

What do I get from subscribing?

An average of two emails a week, and the aim is to tell you at least one thing you didn’t know and a fresh way of understanding what’s happening — in other words genuine reporting and analysis. You can comment below stories and join a private Discord server.

Our writing covers a medley of topics but the reporting bug dies hard, so there the frequency of different categories varies with the news:

Crisis Update — issues of the day that the media corps ignore or misrepresent.
Eurasia Note — geopolitics, history and news from the largest landmass.
Chronicle of Dissent — a monologue in kriziz genre, Russian for catastrophe as lifestyle.
Uncategorised — longer pieces or disparate topics like food and travel.

Can I try for free?

Every article has subheadines to outline the topic and the first few paragraphs to warm up. There are dozens of articles for free, most of them timeless, so look around.

You can follow at Twitter here and email at MoneyCircus@ProtonMail.com

Substack is the writing equivalent of the slow food movement. Subscribe and digest. Don’t be the prey.

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A Geopolitical Field Guide to Predators and Prey


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