Drums Beat For War

The Battleground is Home

We are at war.
The first casualty of war is truth.
We fight, street corner by street corner.
Much of what we know is actively denied in the state media.
The rest is hidden or misrepresented. By way of deception thou shalt do war.

Tabla is the classic Afghan beat but not the drum of war. That is reserved for the naqqara, meaning chaos maker. It resounds in Washington. Rebel Yell? Read on.

News drops like mortars.

Metal in Moderna — The Japanese gov suspended three lots of Covid shots, 1.6 million doses, of which a third have already been administered. Ministry sources said it contained particles that reacted to magnets. So far the producer has blamed a possible manufacturing defect. [1]

Vaccines are the vector — The Covid shots were not created by Warp Speed in 2020. Their components have been tested for years under different names. Vaccines that suppress symptoms but do not stop transmission help a virus spread faster. So-called vaccine escape was highlighted by Dr Geert Vanden Bossche.

Boosters boost virulence — Evidence from Marek's disease in chickens suggests the vaccinated infect the unvaxxed, while boosters increase viral escape, making the virus ever-more virulent. Boosters not only made chickens more dependent, they also caused side-effects that eventually killed the birds.

Any vaccine that relies on regular boosters is inherently dangerous, as PBS reported in 2015. "On the other hand, a “perfect” vaccine is one that sets up lifelong immunity that never wanes and blocks both infection and transmission. It’s important to note childhood vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, rubella and smallpox aren’t leaky; they are considered “perfect” vaccines. As such, they are in no way in danger of falling prey to this phenomenon." [2]

U.S. Surgeon General dissembles — Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy appeared in military uniform on television several times to say that natural immunity won't help you. Deception is part of war. The Surgeon General thinks he is at war with us.

Ivermectin won't help either says Murthy. What in 2011 was called the ‘wonder drug’ from Japan is blackballed to make way for the vaccine. The press is not allowed to admit it, but Ivermectin has been validated in practice in Japan and across Africa. [3]

5th generation war

Politicians have evoked war, by metaphor and analogy, since the beginning of Event Covid. But they’re not the only ones.

"I think you have to look at your worldview. If you think it's a virus, you're going to act like a victim. If you think we are fighting a war, you are going to act like a warrior," says former U.S. navy surgeon Dr Lee Merritt.

"My argument is: we're in a war. It's a fifth-generation, uncharacteristic, unrestricted war and we have to determine who the enemy is."

Merritt says the U.S. military will see more deaths from the vaccine than were ascribed to Covid — 20 in 2020. There are already 88 cases of myocarditis, two-thirds of which are likely to be fatal over five years.

In the past virus roll outs have been halted after far fewer casualties. "The question you have to ask is why are we not stopping this."

The pushback

The people have had enough. The tipping point at which civil protest overwhelms the authorities is, in Australia, about 100,000 people.

"Anything more than that and the system comes crashing down," Senator Malcolm Roberts told Queensland's upper house. "No wonder the [Scott] Morrison government has been scared into resorting to the refuge of tyrants: the military." [4]

That is the capacity of the police to arrest people, of the jails to hold people and of the courts to process people. “Attendance at the Freedom Rallies last month shows we're almost there.”

The pushback has begun. If the economy is going to be closed down, then the people act first. The billionaire business owners are trying to time the shutdowns and shortages for their own convenience. The launch of boycotts would sting them first.

Boycott movements include United Non-Compliance, Freedom Rising and #JustSayNo. [5]

Cyber Polygon is an annual exercise that was last held in July 2021 by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. It was preceded by a number of supposed hacks that shut down oil pipelines and supply chains of food suppliers around the world. There were several well publicised electricity blackouts.

Those hacks have suddenly halted, disappeared from the media, and left a gaping hole in the narrative. The trajectory was clearly pointing to some kind of widespread Internet outage or failure of the electricity grid.

The financial analyst and Gold Goats 'n Guns podcaster Tom Luongo suggests that a major nation, perhaps Russia, put its foot down and made clear to Davos that such a step, even as a demonstration, would be an act of war.

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Who is the enemy?

British prime minister Boris Johnson was spotted at an Italian airport in April 2018 carrying a thick book on war strategy — a fact that wasn't revealed until July 2019, just as officials were gearing up to launch the coronavirus pandemic simulation, Event 201.

The anniversary of the Second World War victory in Europe, in May 2020 was co-opted to the struggle against Covid but also to the "push for a fairer society that followed." The Guardian seemed to know what was coming the following month. [6]

Since it doesn’t do journalism it must have been channeling Prince Charles’ script. On Jun 3, 2020, through his Sustainable Markets Initiative and the World Economic Forum, “the Prince of Wales launched a new global initiative, The Great Reset.” [7]

In his video presentation to the United Nations’ Pacific Unite online concert, Prince Charles dripped Rockefeller slogans and the language of the Club of Rome, the group of royals and oil tycoons who shoot lions and tigers while hiding behind the World Wildlife Fund.

A word to the military

The military has a job to do and its prime loyalty is domestic not foreign: to protect the political and social system, and we understand that means defend the existing power structure. Not impose a new one.

Increasingly the top brass talk of hybrid war, of the enemy at home. The army is directly involved in propaganda and control of the state-corporatist media through well-publicised troll farms in Israel, the U.S. and Britain in particular.

The Lockstep coordination of politicians is also made possible by military communications. In Britain, former prime minister Theresa May rolled out the Rapid Response Units that allow concerted messaging across NATO.

The military increasingly is "international by design". Communication systems have been redesigned to be outward looking so that allies can share situational awareness. Land environment tactical communications coordinate between military headquarters.

It is clear that the Covid response is, in part, managed through the military and that includes the Lockdown and the suppression of civil rights. As Sen Malcolm Roberts said in Queensland, desperate governments increasingly resort to military force.

Beyond propaganda

A psyop or psychological operation has gained a bad reputation even in military circles. Seen as a one-off tactical operation it is directed at a targeted audience and thus has limited use in major adjustments such as the forthcoming monetary replacement.

Instead an ongoing — resilient in military parlance — mental reframing was needed, using several layers of control. As explained the politicians, officials and military had to be on message with a rapid-reaction, tactical communications system.

The media had to be brought under near-absolute control. The rivalry and one-upmanship of journalists had to be tamed so that they did not expose each other. The narrow ownership of the media by six or fewer corporations makes this possible, while the shrinking advertising market makes government media-buying irresistible. The UK government spent more than $330 million on advertising in 2020, and has issued bigger contracts this year.

The preparations for wartime levels of propaganda were laid in Feb 2019 at the British ambassador's residence in Paris where the two country's SIN teams (science and innovation) met to coordinate the use of behavioural science in health public policies.

Their language hints at their ambition — just read between the lines: innovative science and healthcare, and how to use behavioural manipulation to produce to "produce the most effective evidence based policies." It’s not hard to read that as the ideological driving of medicine, leading the public to accept unpalatable solutions to an ageing population such as euthanasia.

It was a follow-up to a Sep 2017 dinner, in honour of Chris Whitty, the UK’s “face of Covid” as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health and Social care. This planning meeting "gathered several French health experts from government, policy, academia and industry. The dinner bore fruit in three particular areas: genomics, health data sharing and behavioural science."

Dissent and division

The military and intelligence services are ready to promote sectarian interests in order to defend the dominant interest.

The strategy is to divide the population, using social issues as a wedge to slander dissidents or to promote causes that can be hijacked to further government policies.

Microsoft-NBC in late August highlighted the claims of a Harvard professor Joan Donovan who links misinformation around "the pandemic recovery, climate change and racial equality."

There is a parallel with the subversive strategies of U.S. NGOs in Cuba and Nicaragua, where the causes of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and LGBT rights are exploited to increase social divisions and drive a wedge between these groups and the government, as Alan Macleod writes in MintPress News. [8]

The same tactics can be seen in Russia and Belarus. As with the Vietnam-era fusion centers and the Phoenix Program, what works as military strategy abroad eventually gets imposed on the domestic population.

Layers of Afghan deception

Given the above, it seems highly probably that the supposed withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaotic evacuation is a diversion.

It comes as the Covid vaccines are beginning to trigger wide-scale side effects. Witness how the Western headlines are devoted to Kabul while in Tokyo the Afghan deaths battle for top slot with those from the Moderna shot.

Like climate change, the Afghan story blends neatly in the West with that of pandemic. The threat mutates — whether ISIS or COVID — and the new variant is named with a letter. Is there causation behind the correlation?

The dust rises in Afghanistan obscuring a possible but uncertain transfer of power. Only not in Kabul. In the White House.

If it is not incompetence then the motivation behind the Afghan debacle lies elsewhere and it will involve multiple layers of deception.

European leaders are loudly condemning Biden’s follies — but are they honest or is this yet more ham acting from the exhausted crew of political puppets? After all, the plan to retire him has been widely discussed.

Everyone knows Biden’s days are numbered. He hardly needs further embarrassment to show him the door. A medical report would do.

The Kabul fireworks are not for Biden himself. It's for whoever takes his place. Kamala Harris is largely ignorant of the ways of Washington; even less equipped to navigate the byways of Beltway bureaucracy than was former president Donald Trump.

An insider is being lined up. A technocrat who answers directly to The Investors. Their in-house agency, the CIA, can keep the bombs and counter-dronings going for long enough to buy time.

Who would the insider be? Covid is a monetary event, as Dr Richard Werner, Catherine Austin Fitts and others have noted. Apart from Event 201 and the British-French SIN teams, the main preparatory event was BlackRock's Going Direct proposal for liquifying the economy, presented to the Federal Reserve in 2019. [9]

Former head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen is Treasury Secretary and already 5th in line to the American throne. Hat tip. [10]

That would explain the otherwise barely comprehensible events of Nov 3/4 2020 but it would represent a seizure of power amounting to a government of occupation.

Some would argue we already have that. Yet the banker drug barons would hardly snub the opportunity to tighten their grip. And if the pretext is a dust up amid Afghanistan’s poppy fields, well that would be mighty fitting.

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